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Power supply to the handset by 3-chain deck : up to 8 m of useful chain (for machine in fixed position). Ideal for logs up to 4 m in length.

Feeding conveyor with two 440 mm wide belts arranged in a V, length 4 m, for good feeding of wood to the cut, even small lengths.

Maximum cutting diameter 800 mm.

Adjustable cutting length from 25 to 50 cm. Cutting length managed by a hydraulically adjustable stop, with a retraction of the latter at the time of cutting so as not to constrain sawing.

Cuts wood from the bottom up for better productivity. There is no loss of time in the case of cutting logs of small diameters.

3 independent wood clamps for cutting. Whatever the shape of the wood, the clamps are in contact with it.

Possibility of directly removing the pieces which are not to be split without going through the splitting cross (Ø 200mm max). Scraps of wood can also be evacuated backward using the pallet.

Buffer zone provided with a 3-meter long belt for the continuous supply of logs to the splitter.

System splitting by two independent blades, with 3 separate pressing for good support of the timber.

ISO POWER system on the blades, to manage their speed according to the power required.

XYLOMETER® : Automatic timber cubing system.

On the splitting zone, metal belt with a step-by-step advance adjustable from 40 to 300 mm for the size of logs.

Design according to your request for stationary machine.



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