• For high volumes of green waste, compost, manure ... grinding
  • 3 m³ feed hopper fitted with a hydraulically adjustable piece which drags the waste down to the metallic moving conveyor.
  • This metallic treadmill, fitted with steel tines, forwards the product towards the crushing chamber.
  • This shredding area, with high-resistance steel walls, contains
    - The feed roller (capacity under roller: 470 mm)
    - The fast rotor with high inertia (1400 mm wide – Ø 730 mm - 36 knives with total rotation carbid tips)
    - The comb (hydraulically retractable)
    - The calibration grids (hydraulically retractable, surface 100 or 200 mm), which can be bolted and superimposed.
  • A rubber conveyor (1600 mm wide, 5000 mm long and 3500 mm dump height) drains away the shred.
  • The machine outputs depend on the waste but here are some average values:
    - Green waste: 18 T/h (about 68 m³/h)
    - Straw manure: 15 T/h (about 123 m³/h)
    - Fresh manure: 40 T/h (about 105 m³/h)
    - Compost: 86 T/h (about 110 m³/h)
  • The shredder is driven by a 180 kW heat engine – DEUTZ tier 4 EU, 6 cylinders.
  • All the operations (ON/OFF, rotation reversion, metal sheet UP/DOWN, mzchine’s linear motion...) can be radiocontrolled.
  • The BR 180 CARIO is mounted on a twin-axle chassis in order to support the loading without leading to an overheight.
  • To make a windrow, the crusher can move forward independently during the shredding.




Rotor characteristics

Width 1400 mm - Diameter : 730 mm - 750Kg

Rotor drive

2 hydraulic geared motors

Mobile knives


Capacity under feed roller


Feed roller width


Hopper loading volume

3,00 m³

Loading height

2000 m

Feed hopper dimensions (L x W x H)

3500 x 2500 x 1400 mm

Discharge conveyor dimensions (L x W)

5000 mm

Conveyor unloading height

3500 m

6-cylinder motor characteristics

DEUTZ Tier 4 EU / 180 KW air cooling


Towed with double tandem axle Tyres 445/45 R19.5

Transport dimensions (L x W x H)

9400 x 2500 x 3600 mm

Working dimensions (L x W x H)

11400 x 2500 x 3300 mm


14,5 T

Green waste performance

Approximately 18 T/h (68 m³/h)

Straw and dry manure performance

Approximately 15 T/h (123 m³/h)

Fresh manure performance

Approximately 40 T/h (105 m³/h)

Compost performance

Approximately 86 T/h (110 m³/h)