• The XYLOG holds the WORLD RECORD in the 24-hours-production of logs! > watch video
  • Maximum cutting diameter: 600 mm.
  • Adjustable cutting length from 0.25m up to 0.50m.
  • 35T powered cylinder with automatic speed with continuing variation ISO POWER.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the splitting cross: in 2, 4, 8 or 16 splits with automatic positioning of the splitting cross in accordance with the wood diameter. (serial XYLOMETER® with this option).
  • Very good gripping ability during the cutting process: thanks to the double hydraulic grip holding the wood.
  • Processor saws and splits in the same time: the cutting area is separated from the splitting area.
  • Wood is cut from the bottom to the top: time saving for small diameter woods.
  • Possibility to unload the woods that do not need to be split without passing through the splitting cross.
  • Possibility to cut an armful of logs, up to 3 or 4 logs depending on the diameter.
  • Available in mobile version (through PTO 540 rpm) or in still position (electric or heat engince drive).
  • Loading by chain platform: 2.00 m for mobile machine
    From 5.00 m on the still position machine.
  • Discharge conveyor 4.00 m long with metal bars, hydraulic folding and height adjustment for the mobile machine.
    Or 8.00m and swiveling on the still position machine.
  • XYLOMETER® : automated wood scaling system (in option).
  • Design to measure for still position machine.




Splitting power

35 T with automatic speed with continuing variation ISO POWER

Cutting diameter

600 mm max.

Cutting system

SUPERCUT with chainguide - 82 cm long, type 0.404


Chain automatic tension and self-lubrication

 Splitting cross

2 / 4 / 8 / 16 splits
with electro-hydraulic adjustment
or automatic (in option)

Loading conveyor

With chain
2.00 m, 5.00 m or 8.00 m

Discharge conveyor

Hydraulic folding
4 m long with metal bars
Adjustable height


Mobile version: 8.5 T


Tractor PTO 540 rpm
or Electric
or Heat engine (Deutz 75 HP)