• Wood processor logs feeding with 3-chain deck: up to 8 m useful chain (for stationary version).
  • Feeding conveyor with 2 bands in V-shape, 400 mm wide, 4-meter long to ensure correct wood leading to cutting system, even for small pieces.
  • Adjustable cutting length from 25 to 50 cm. Cutting length hydraulically adjustable with reversing pusher to ease cutting process.
  • Wood cutting from bottom to top for a better productivity. Time saving for small diameter logs.
  • 3 independent wood holders for cutting process adaptable to any kind of wood.
  • Possibility to exit wood pieces without passing through splitting process (Ø 200 mm maximum). Rear exit of wood waste also possible.
  • Buffer zone with 3-meter conveyor for continuous logs feeding to splitting area.
  • Splitting system with 2 independent blades with 3 independent press-devices for better wood holding.
  • Blades with ISO POWER system to control speed and required power.
  • XYLOMETER: automatic wood cubing system.
  • Metallic conveyor in splitting area with adjustable forwarding from 40 to 300 mm (depending on the logs).
  • Made-to-measure manufacturing for stationary version.




Splitting power

16 T for each blade with ISO POWER system

Cutting diameter

Maximum 800 mm

Cutting length

Adjustable from 250 up to 500 mm

Cutting system

SUPERCUT with chainguide
113 cm long, type 0.404


Automatic tension and self-lubrication

Splitting wedge

2 independent blades and 3 independent press-devices for better wood holding.

Loading deck

With chain
2.00 m, 5.00 m or 8.00 m

Discharge conveyor

8-meter long with 70 cm wide independent band andmetallic bars
Height adjustable from 1.30 to 5 m –6-metre angling


2 electrical 3-phase engines, 2 x 35 kW (2 x 50 HP)