• Post splitting clearance up to 2250 mm long. Splitting power: 15 Ton (18 T in option).
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the frame in accordance with the post length (4 positions: 1150 mm / 1500 mm / 1850 mm and 2250 mm).
  • A unique design: very compact splitter with telescopic frame easy to store (compact size: 2370 mm folded) and unnecessary to add transport axle.
  • Sharp parting wedge 300 mm long quickly removable (2 bolts) for splitting logs.
  • Frame laying on the ground for putting up the post more easily.
  • Ideal working height for the user.
  • 4 serial post supports for a better comfort using it.
  • Mechanically-welded frame.



Post splitter POLYCOMPACT

Hydraulic power

15 Ton
(18 Ton in option)

Splitting clearance

Up to 2250 mm

Size (Ø piston / Ø rod)

100 mm / 60 mm

Cylinder run

1100 mm

Storage dimensions (L x W x H)

2370 x 1200 x 1220 mm

Max. work dimensions (L x W x H)

4480 x 1200 x 1220 mm

Total weight

690 Kg

Wedge length

300 mm


Tractor pump with 2 couplers
or PTO 540 rpm, 42 L/min.


Tractor 3-point linkage n°1 and n°2